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LEHRG is dedicated to improving quality of life and extending longevity by providing evidence based continuing education courses, disseminating research and conducting clinical trials.

Together, one life at a time, we can improve the health of our nation. Technological advances have enabled the healthcare community to fight disease with stronger tools. Learn why We Believe..

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Continuing Education

Longevity Science

Basic Life Support (AHA001)

Instructor-led classroom based course

AHA Resuscitation Science Courses

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (AHA002)Instructor-led classroom based course

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (AHA003)

Instructor-led classroom based course

AHA Instructor Led Course Schedule

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Science Spotlight


Nutritional Ketosis|Webinar


Therapeutic Diets


Society Blog

Therapeutic Diets


This controversial topic has once again resurfaced. Can therapeutic diets replace medication and guide malady abrogation? Nutritional ketosis could be the golden ticket. This week's spotlight is the risks and benefits of Nutritional Ketosis.


Korita Johnson ARNP

July 19, 2017


Hi, nutritional ketosis has saved my quality of life. I suffered from epilepsy, but when I stopped eating sugar it stopped. My overall health has improved immensely.


Dana Blaine

July 19, 2017

Featured Free CE Courses


What's the big deal? (Q001)




This course provides an overview of the throughput process and the financial implications for the patient, hospital and healthcare provider.

Dry Land Drowning,

What is pulmonary edema? (PULM002)




This course is designed to identify the pathophysiology, risk factors and treatment modalities for pulmonary edema.

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“Longevity of life alone will not suffice utility. Supposition of constituent devices leads to quandary. Empower the future, your future, with insurmountable cognizance and intent to necessitate inspiration. Pioneers convoy transformation via foresight and moxie. Quality of life can only be ameliorated by stalwort inquisition and propagation..”

-CEO Korita S. Johnson


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